Traveling Soles – Inspirational Music by Pablo

Traveling Soles:

Five Years ago, I performed for a Humane Border’s anniversary party. I made a commitment, in front of the many supporters, to record a CD based on border issues. This CD is not about me, it’s about those who have inspired me to become a voice for those who do not have one.


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  1. This year I went on the Migrant Trail and met Pablo.

    The music he performed was inspriational.

    I bought a copy of Traveling Soles and play it often. It helps to remind me of why it is important to keep border issues and the plights of migrants in our minds.

    Besides the messages, I like that the songs all have a different sound.

    I would like to know how to order more copies to give to my friends inthe immigration rights movement here in Colorado.

    Bob, A Pablo fan for life.

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