Starting with Peace by Nashua Chantal

What does the Peace Pole mean to me?

Why I wanted to be part of the peace presence?

            Trying to find the right words in my vocabulary to write

or say about peace doesn’t seem appropriate for what I feel to share

inside myself.

                    My words inside are feelings not yet made for words

That can come out of my mouth right now.

            The simple things I can talk about is starting with a new peace,

                                    A new treaty, a new purpose for my tomorrows.

The thoughts I think about today, positively, can change my tomorrows.

            For right now, I help build a Peace Pole with four languages on it,

                        with my new friends at Koinonia.

I fasted, prayed, sang songs of peace and joy, read many pages,

                                                and in many peace books,

            listened to young and old about how peace can change

                        our world, my world, my life.

Met many new concerned friends looking for the same paths for peace.

            I have to start with peace in my thoughts,

                                                                              in my thoughts,

                                    of how I come in contact with other human beings everyday.

Always thinking of ways to be positive and to create joy and laughter.

            With the war and suffering in the world and in myself sometimes,

                                    I will pray and fast with my friends sharing with

                                                hundreds of thousands of others that sit around

                                                            the Peace Poles, around the earth

                                    hoping for the same things.

I will keep a Peace Pole in my thoughts and in my walk each day, and the important

                      break throughs I made, with this first Peace Pole.

                                    You create your own inner conditions.

                                    You’re helping create the conditions around you.

                                    I create my own inner conditions.

                                    I’m helping create the conditions around you and around me.

                        As a man or woman thinketh in his or her heart,

                                    so is he or she and me.

Once again, with this first Peace Pole of my new life,

                                    I want peace, love, community.

I want trees that bear good thoughts, good fruit that I can share

                                                            with my family, my friends.

                                    I want to make a difference with what time

                                                I have left in my life and I’ll start

                                    With peace today – for my tomorrows.

                                                By Nashua Chantal

                                                Dedicated to Koinonia Partners

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