Read Nash’s statement to Judge Faircloth

Nash’s Statement to Judge Faircloth Columbus Georgia January 25, 2005

Honorable Judge Faircloth,

I wasn’t planning to jump over the fence when I came to Columbus, GA. I was just planning to be just a message holder in clown make-up.
Saturday morning, as I walked around listening to people about th Latin American issues a thought came to me… a thought of emptiness. I asked myself many times what was I doing for Latin American people except carrying a banner, dressed up as a clown. Thoughts of jumping th fence seemed more and more and more meaningful. As the music played on stage I looked at the crowd of thousands that came from thousands of places around the earth and thought to myself… “I have to do something.” My statement became more real, more satisfying. This banner I carry each year to many demonstrations became necessary—I never felt so right in all my life as I did at this very moment.
I was ready to make a spiritual commitment to jump this symbolic fence. This wasn’t just a fence, this was for all those people that were killed, are being killed, and who are being displaced from their homes. These families have lived there for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. This is a spiritual journey not for everyone. This unique journey was meant for me only.
There was now no question why, but where I should jump the fence on Sunday afternoon.
Sunday came, I was dressed in my uniform as any soldier for war. My approach wasn’t for war but for making a statement: a nonviolent, civilly disobedient statement. This banner “Study War No More” is my flag to freedom—a new beginning for me and for everyone that agrees or disagrees.
Study War No More is my bible of hope that I never had before. This Clown, this make-up I wear is a reflection of sadness!! The colors on my face:
Whiteface white letters are the tens of thousands of crosses that protestors carry, representing human beings that were killed in Latin America.
Red is the blood that is shed in those human beings’ lives.
Blue is the billions and billions of tears families have cried for their families, homes and land which has been taken from them.
Black stands for oppression and death.
Purple—for solidarity and a commitment to close down the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation and any school that teaches premeditated murder against human beings.
Everything about me now is to encourage solutions for Peace, whether I wear the make-up or not.
The hat that I wear that says “PEACE KNOWS” is a spirit that’s stronger than the word PEACE by itself. Peace has been twisted, lied to, manipulated, premeditated, diluted, commercialized and sold out in my clown interpretation world new English dictionary. Peace Knows is a stronger commitment to a world without war, abuse, prejudice, takeovers, prisons, oppression, control, etc., etc., etc.
Peace Knows has no boundaries. It’s a meaning that comes from God over Peace.

Learned behavior
War in any society leaves hidden casualties with pain so deep that we, as citizens, fail to recognize it. As long as “We the People” have a school that teaches premeditated planned murder, I believe the same behavior will trickle down in our society. War teaches tactics to children, especially poor children who don’t have the same rights as the wealthy. I don’t believe they know the difference until they’re taught.
Try explaining to a poor young woman or man why he or she shouldn’t use military money to receive an education or to make a living when all other avenues are closed, while our military teaches Latin American soldiers “skills” to kill thousands of people not in the name of democracy and freedom, but for the benefit of the wealthy both there and here.
The SOA at Fort Benning teaches premeditated murder, that’s why I jumped the fence in an act of non-violent civil disobedience.
The School of the Americas, now known as the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation, should be shut down today.
This school, from its very beginning, has led a history of a Trail of Tears for Indians. Now the same thing is going on in Latin America.
We’ve become a war democracy that models war values for all people of the earth. War is taught subliminally through TV, history, video games and Hollywood. We teach kids to admire generals when they instead should admire those who found peaceful solutions.
War is an addiction for some parts of our government… and now war is all we have…
To show the world that “In God We Trust,” our government should begin to “Study War No More.”
Closing down the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation would be a start.

God help America and the World!!!

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