Nashua at the City Jail

Right now is the time to be strong for what I am about to undertake in the city jail. My thoughts won’t be so much on how the jail operates inside its walls with the slamming of doors, or on the keys that rattle from the police that walk by all through the day and night, or on those cold jail pods that are overcrowded with people en route to court. sadness awaits them all. with all this, these people will be very upset, angry lost from family and friends. Disrespect will be the moral attitude of the atmosphere. My strength is God first and all the POC [Prisoners of Conscience] – and supporters- that have walked these city jails before me. All together we have hundreds of thousands of hours being in jail cells and federal prisons. Once again, it’s not what goes in between these walls with which I have a hard time. it’s the training at Fort Benning that must be ended!

My thoughts will be with all the white crosses that have a name on them. A name of a human being! From moms who still had babies inside them, to mothers and fathers who were holding their children’s hands when they were killed and buried in unmarked graves, only to be found years later with expressions of fear still on the faces. Young and old were buried. They didn’t fight back with guns; they were only farmers and regular human beings, like you and I. They were taken form their homes, or stolen, kidnapped from the roads that go to schools and churches like ones we Americans go to.

These are the stories that will be with me. The walls of jails and federal prisons hold people that have fears. I am hoping to share these wise stories with them and to go deeper in their stories. When you write to me, write to other inmates inside here with me so I can read to them because I want to share your stories with them. Write as if you are making a statement to the judge to whom I will be making a statement as well, on January 9, 2012, and give me and theme hope and a new beginning.

The time is changing for our liberties as you read these words. The government works somewhere 24 hours a day. We need to focus less on Christmas gifts in abundance. The abundance has to be focused on giving gifts in small amounts to the SOA Watch every day. Giving up a cup of coffee, the sweets we don’t need, the food we may not need because we are overfed anyways. On this day (especially), January 9th, 2013, sell something that you need, but sell it anyways in order to give of ourselves in honor of the deaths the School of the Americas has brought to many Latin American countries.

We need to educate in a creative way to live in a unified community of people like you and I. Don’t slow down; run, walk with your neighborhood. Get active, turn off you TV on January 9, 2013, and send prayers and small gifts to SOA Watch.


Thank you for your support,


POC 2013

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