Letters from Confinement Part 3

Today is septic tank emptying day, the prison closes down the movement of inmates so that their tank trucks can empty the stinky dark hole in the ground. Weirdly enough, the septic hole sits 50 feet in front of the dining hall where well have to eat. The smell doesnt help the smell of the cooked food. The we eat is good sometimes, but not especially when this hole is emptied during meal time. The wind was blowing away from the dining hall, which was a good thing today.

I’ve been reading a selection of books lately. Books that the social justice people mail into me. When I’m finished with them, I pass them on throughout the population. No telling where seeds are planted in good soil.

This first book called “Open Veins of Latin America” by Eduardo Galeano. Eduardo goes back to the 1500s and tells the history of different countries literally sticking their flag in the ground and claiming that land for their kings. This book with the yellow cover, however proved that there were no safe islands in our region, we shared 500 years of exploitation and colonization, we were all linked by a common fate, we all belonged to the same race of the oppressed. On September 11, 1973 a military coup ended a century of democratic tradition in Chile and started the long reign of General Augusto Pinochet. Similar coups followed in other countries and soon half the continent’s population was living in terror. I believe today that wars are not the wars of protecting our borders, but protecting other elite governments way of life. The wealth war of eminent domain…

The second book is called “On God’s Side” by Jim Wallis. Jim Wallis is president of Sojourners and editor in chief of Sojourners magazine.

The third book is called “Widening the Circle,” Edited by Joanna Shenk. A quote: Widening the Circle is timely as the Mennonite Tradition gathers interest and support among young people who are walking away from churches in search of cultural engagement, authentic relationships and a fresh focus on the teaching and ministry of Jesus.

-Eddie Gibbs, Senior Professor, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Seminary. This is quoted from the beginning of the book, Widening the Circle.

The fourth book is called “Peace in Every Step” by Thich Nhat Hanh, The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday life. Forward by HH the Dahai Lama.

The fifth book is called The Message Remix, The Bible in contemporary Language by Eugene Peterson. There area  a couple more books coming my way



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