Letters from Confinement Part 2


There was an article that was sent to me about a conversation with the Public Affairs Officer at WHINSEC.

HIs name is Mr. Lee Rials. He said, “For decades the school has been accused of having some responsibility for “graduates” who were later accused of committing atrocities. But he is also saying, one final quip about using the word “graduates” Mr. Rials told me he had spoken to a German journalist while watching a group of Chilean cadets that, “the cadets were here for only 10 days, but in 10 years be WHINSEC graduates. His justification that he would like people to see is just because the cades only take on 10 day class, this doesn’t mean that they are a graduates. I can see that in the beginning of his training. So the cadet got trained lets say in interrogation tactics and brought back films and paper work from the 10 day event. He goes back with honor, he goes and training these tactics and like my school, one completes the class. Now there are 50 soldiers that know these tactics and numbers grow. Now the next cadet goes to the SOA and trains for a sniper course in long range, high-caliber tactics. So he takes the course and completes it in 10 days. He has his films and documents and goes back and starts a training course, and he becomes the teacher of the trainings.

With the 60,000 cadets or soldiers that were trained at the SOA, “in time”, all will become “graduates” of the thousands of courses trained there. If one cadet by himself is just looked at, then maybe no, he is not a graduate, buts still is part of the puzzle to make the complete picture, “complete graduate in time.

Like any training, colleges around the world teach people to go back into their communities and become a society, that’s what makes it work. The same thing for cadets, they go back and teach and in time a society of graduates are formed for any political persuasion. From there, their own societies against people, would think their doing the right thing and probably think they would be getting a Nobel Prize for peacemaking. Some of the graduates are in pictures, framed on walls inside the classrooms where classes are taught. Those graduates are some of the ones that created some of the worst atrocities and are looked at by cadets that follow their leaders of examples to go by. Like hero’s.

Like any military governed by land or country, we defend our beliefs by training any civil disobedience action into a prison sentence, just for bringing out the truth.

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