Letters from Confinement Part 1

I’m sorry for the events that took spe on March 13, 2013. We will never know how my civil disobedience really affected change! Some people at SOAwatch like Nico said the story was picked up by the AP, thats big. I found out and mentioned this in several letters to Rep. Jim McGovern will introduce legislation to suspend operations at the school and investigate human rights abuses in Latin America. That sounds important! How important this man will be? I only wish it will be this year, that someone would tell me that SOA got closed.

March 19, 2013 Parque Cuscatlan, San Salvador. SOAwatch apologizes for United States role in the deaths of 75,000 Salvadorans.

Not too long ago, this month, Father Roy went to El Salvador with a large group to be part of a delegation. They met with the Vice President and military staff to insure these atrocities would not happen again to their people. After the group met with the VP, they had a march of thousands to to the large stone wall where the names of people killed by war and the SOA graduates. When the group came to the place and time period of the atrocities on the wall, set up tables, as mothers came with pictures of the missing, young and old that they lost. Sadness was in the air…

After the last men, women and children, they spoke about a banner Archbishop Oscar Romero had been placed with the words in Spanish which said,

Que no se queden tontos

Crimines Impunes y que,

aunque sean vestidos de militar,

tien la obligacion de remdir

cuentas ante la justicia

The words, “yes, we stand on holy ground today. All of El Salvador is holy ground, as one of your theologians said, because wherever great suffering and great love converge, we are on holy ground.

We close by saying thank you. Thank you for receiving our words of pardon. Thank you for welcoming us to your country. Thank you for your courage and dignity and humanity. We are sincere in saying that our lives have been forever changed and enriched because of your lives. You have shown us and the worked, what it means to give your lives out of love for others. and struggle unceasingly but with joy for another world founded on justice and solidarity.

Someday I will write like that with compassion. First I try to walk it with my feet and maybe its the same…

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