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  • Letters from Confinement Part 4

    As I walk among the 600 federal inmates (people), I have a lot to pray about! Continuous stories of people making the wrong decisions at the worst time of their lives. Time means years! I’ve met people that have already completed, 26, 24, 23 and on down to just ready for a half-way house. On […]

  • Letters from Confinement Part 3

    Today is septic tank emptying day, the prison closes down the movement of inmates so that their tank trucks can empty the stinky dark hole in the ground. Weirdly enough, the septic hole sits 50 feet in front of the dining hall where well have to eat. The smell doesnt help the smell of the […]

  • About

    Study War No More (SWNM)             It’s a journey into sacrifice, the giving of ones time and patience, enduring the pain, sadness, and oppression of walking along the side of marginalized human beings. These are stories and pictures of compassion, love, and acceptance. Stories and pictures of “all ages”, showing how to study war no […]