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  • Letters from Confinement Part 4

    As I walk among the 600 federal inmates (people), I have a lot to pray about! Continuous stories of people making the wrong decisions at the worst time of their lives. Time means years! I’ve met people that have already completed, 26, 24, 23 and on down to just ready for a half-way house. On […]

  • Letters from Confinement Part 3

    Today is septic tank emptying day, the prison closes down the movement of inmates so that their tank trucks can empty the stinky dark hole in the ground. Weirdly enough, the septic hole sits 50 feet in front of the dining hall where well have to eat. The smell doesnt help the smell of the […]

  • Letters from Confinement Part 2

      There was an article that was sent to me about a conversation with the Public Affairs Officer at WHINSEC. HIs name is Mr. Lee Rials. He said, “For decades the school has been accused of having some responsibility for “graduates” who were later accused of committing atrocities. But he is also saying, one final […]

  • Letters from Confinement Part 1

    I’m sorry for the events that took spe on March 13, 2013. We will never know how my civil disobedience really affected change! Some people at SOAwatch like Nico said the story was picked up by the AP, thats big. I found out and mentioned this in several letters to Rep. Jim McGovern will introduce […]

  • Nashua at the City Jail

    Right now is the time to be strong for what I am about to undertake in the city jail. My thoughts won’t be so much on how the jail operates inside its walls with the slamming of doors, or on the keys that rattle from the police that walk by all through the day and […]

  • Read Nash’s statement to Judge Faircloth

    Nash’s Statement to Judge Faircloth Columbus Georgia January 25, 2005 Honorable Judge Faircloth, I wasn’t planning to jump over the fence when I came to Columbus, GA. I was just planning to be just a message holder in clown make-up. Saturday morning, as I walked around listening to people about th Latin American issues a […]

  • The “Peace Knows” movement

    Koinonia community member Nashua Chantal works for peace and justice by being a “Peace Clown” in dialogue with everyone he meets. He often uses humor to break down barriers to communication, sporting a bright red, round nose—a “Peace Knows”! (Get it?) Thousands of Peace Noses have been distributed to people of all ages, colors, professions, […]

  • The U.S. Army School of the Americas (WHINSEC)

    The School of the Americas (cryptically renamed the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation) in Fort Benning, Georgia has for decades earned a reputation as a school of torture. The school’s students are Latin American military who are trained in human rights violations, among other things, and who have subsequently been involved in many abuses […]

  • Starting with Peace by Nashua Chantal

    What does the Peace Pole mean to me? Why I wanted to be part of the peace presence?             Trying to find the right words in my vocabulary to write or say about peace doesn’t seem appropriate for what I feel to share inside myself.                     My words inside are feelings not yet made […]