Study War No More (SWNM)

            It’s a journey into sacrifice, the giving of ones time and patience, enduring the pain, sadness, and oppression of walking along the side of marginalized human beings. These are stories and pictures of compassion, love, and acceptance. Stories and pictures of “all ages”, showing how to study war no more. How to begin to take these stories and pictures of sacrifice and bring them into your life, our lives, around where you live, we live and apply them there.

We at SWNM want to hear the stories and see the pictures of how your family took the steps to make the change happen. We are going down by “The Riverside” (Together) and we aren’t going to study war no more. Let’s eliminate all kinds of wars that divide us from each other.


Peace Knows

Peace knows no boundaries

Whether you are young or old

Rich or poor

From any walk of life

Any political persuasion,

Religion or not,

Has the ability

To make the world a more peaceful place

What are you willing to do?

Think peace

Talk peace

Act peace

Study war no more wants us

To reach out and remember

We are all in this together.

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