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Letters from Confinement Part 2

Posted: 24th April 2013 by Evan Davies in Nash

  There was an article that was sent to me about a conversation with the Public Affairs Officer at WHINSEC. HIs name is Mr. Lee Rials. He said, “For decades the school has been accused of having some responsibility for “graduates” who were later accused of committing atrocities. But he is also saying, one final […]

Letters from Confinement Part 1

Posted: 22nd April 2013 by Evan Davies in Nash

I’m sorry for the events that took spe on March 13, 2013. We will never know how my civil disobedience really affected change! Some people at SOAwatch like Nico said the story was picked up by the AP, thats big. I found out and mentioned this in several letters to Rep. Jim McGovern will introduce […]


Posted: 16th April 2013 by Evan Davies in Uncategorized

Study War No More (SWNM)             It’s a journey into sacrifice, the giving of ones time and patience, enduring the pain, sadness, and oppression of walking along the side of marginalized human beings. These are stories and pictures of compassion, love, and acceptance. Stories and pictures of “all ages”, showing how to study war no […]